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Amber Fire

Have you tried a Cavi Cone? Cavi Doobie? Okay, what about some classic Caviar Gold or Silver? If you answered “yes” to any of those, then you’ve had our Amber Fire. This hash oil is *the* hash oil that we are incredibly proud to use in all of our signature Caviar products. Amber Fire is famed for its potency; of all the non-edible cannabis products on the market, this is the world’s strongest.



Because Amber Fire is a concentrated form of cannabis, you can certainly expect a strong scent. Classic pungent notes of earth and pine are first noticed, followed by a lingering sweetness. Producing a flurry of clean, crisp vapor, Amber Fire also releases a slightly spicy fragrance – keeping it true to the recognizable Caviar scent.



Amber Fire is available in five different flavors – Apple, Raspberry, Grape, Vanilla, and Original. While the flavor will vary depending on which you choose, you’ll always notice a slight aftertaste that is reminiscent of strawberry, vanilla, and grape. Amber Fire is 100% all natural – flavoring included! All of our flavors come directly from dehydrated fruit – no artificial colors or flavors here!