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Cavi Dabs

One of our newer products, Cavi Dabs are exactly what they sound like – Top Quality Extracts. Each batch uses different strains, so this product is great for patients who are flexible, or looking to try new strains. Regardless of strain, Cavi Dabs are always nug run – so you’re sure to get the best quality available.


Because the strains vary, it’s difficult to say exactly what the scent will be. You can certainly expect a pleasant smell though, since Cavi Dabs are always nug run. Upon close inspection, you’ll quickly sense the rich and deep earthiness.  We’re picky about what we use to make our products, so that you can always get the relief that you’re searching for.


Similarly to the aroma, the flavor of Cavi Dabs do change with each different strain used. But of course, we’re Caviar Gold, so you can expect nothing but the best. Utilizing full nugs allows us to keep the entire flavor profile of the strain, while still providing an incredibly strong concentrate. You’ll quickly notice familiar flavors that are common among flower; such as pine, citrus, and a hint of sweetness.