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Cavi Doobie

Just like our Cavi Cone, you can expect a potent pre-roll with the Cavi Doobie. Unlike the Cavi Cone, it’s perfect for anyone who wants something strong, but not too strong. You can expect the same quality and consistency, just with about 25% less hash oil. Cavi Doobies still provide the relief that many patients seek, simply in a smaller dose. The Cavi Doobie also comes packaged in individual tubes; great for travel and storage.


While not as strong as it’s predecessor, the Cavi Doobie boasts quite an aromatic scent. Many different notes swirl together to result in a familiar, yet mild smell. Robust hints of coffee bean are front and center, followed by a subtle spice. With the warm and inviting fragrance, you’ll feel right at home whenever you have a Cavi Doobie.


Cavi Doobies are available in all the of the same flavors as Cavi Cones; Original, Apple, Grape, Raspberry, Strawberry, and Vanilla. You can’t go wrong, each one is just as flavorful and delightful. The classic and familiar flavors are ever-present; a rich earthiness and hint of spice are immediately recognized. Our Cavi Doobies are so flavorful because we only use all-natural, dehydrated fruit as flavoring for our hash oil.