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Cavi Rap

The Cavi Rap is the newest member of the Caviar Gold Family. There’s no tobacco allowed in these blunt wraps – and there’s definitely no need for it. We set out to make an all-cannabis wrap, and we did it. How? Well, with our favorite hash oil of course! Each Cavi Rap is infused with 500mg, making it again, the world’s strongest.


The Cavi Rap is surprisingly odorless, especially for something that’s infused with 500mg of hash oil. When burned with typical flower, the flower scent is initially the most prominent. Let it linger a moment longer though, and you’ll be able to pick up on the smell of the fragrant hash oil – making it a match made in heaven.


Because the Cavi Rap is only half of the equation, the flavor will change depending on the flower that you choose to use alongside the wrap. If you decide to use a traditional flower (not Caviar Gold or Silver) you’ll notice that the flower’s flavor is greatly enhanced by the hash oil. However, there’s certainly nothing wrong with going all-out and rolling up some Gold in your Cavi Rap!