Caviar Gold

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Caviar Gold

Caviar Gold

The Original World’s Strongest – Caviar Gold is easily the most recognized of our products. We start with the best of the best, AAA quality, indoor cannabis. Now, other companies might just add some oil, kief, and call it day. Not Caviar Gold though – we infuse it all the way through – right down to the stem. It is only then that Caviar Gold is completed; by being entirely covered with a generous sprinkling of kief.


Caviar Gold has an incredibly distinct scent. A deep earthiness is accented by familiar robust notes of freshly-brewed coffee. Upon being broken open, Caviar Gold immediately delivers a bold hint of spice. The complex aroma is almost intoxicating on its own – making you even more excited to dive into this delicious flavor profile.


The remarkable scent of Caviar Gold follows smoothly into its flavor. Suggestions of coffee and spice translate into a mild-yet-rich smoke, which leaves a flavorful aftertaste. You can always expect a consistent and pleasant flavor throughout. Caviar Gold is able to ensure this by utilizing the same plant for both the nugs as well as the hash oil. In order to create the fruit flavors, the oil is enhanced with dehydrated fruit – keeping it 100% all-natural.