Caviar Gold

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Caviar Silver

There is a well known phrase that many people are familiar with – “first is worst, second is best.” While we cannot confirm that there is any truth to that statement, we can confirm that both our Caviar Silver and Caviar Gold are held to a very specific standard. To create Caviar Silver, we start with top shelf, AAA quality, outdoor cannabis. Next, the beautiful nugs are fully infused with hash oil – not just on the outside. Finish them off with a lush coating of kief, and there we have our Caviar Silver.


The scent of Caviar Silver is as unique as you’d expect. Rich, pungent notes of pine and earth are obvious as soon as the container is opened. Upon close inspection, you’ll notice familiar smells along with new ones. Once broken apart though, an additional layer of fragrance reveals itself. Reminding you of your favorite coffee shop, you’ll quickly notice the strong spices and flavors that are ever present.


Caviar Silver’s flavor is 100% delicious and 100% natural. As you’d expect, there are plenty of similarities between the scent and the flavor. Deep, rich notes of coffee pleasantly linger on the smoke after exhale. Caviar Silver guarantees a consistent taste throughout – whether you’re looking for a fruit flavor or something a little more traditional. In order to create the fruit flavors, we simply use dehydrated fruit!